Moves in and out

Moving into and out of Landmark Apartments

The attention of current and prospective Landmark residents is drawn to the Landmark Rules relating to moving into, and out of Landmark Apartments:

1.         Notice of two (2) clear working days must first be given to the Building Manager to enable the Building Manager to arrange to be present at the time when the owner or occupier or any authorized user commences the move in or out.    This notice also allows the Building Manager to ‘dress’ (clad with heavy duty  protective material) the lift that will be used in the move.

2.         A condition report on the common property area being used is signed off by the owner or occupier or any authorized user and the Building Manager.

3.         Movements will be restricted to take place Monday to Friday only (excluding public holidays), and will commence no earlier than 8:30am and be completed no later than 5:00pm.

4.         All other House Rules must be adhered to during the move in or move out process.